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Size Guide

As the waist trainer is highly elasticated, the measurements of the trainer can be misleading. We recommend buying according to your UK clothing top size. Our trainers are highly elasticated so can fit half size up or down. That does not mean you should buy a size down as it may overstretch and break if you do, so please buy your recommended size according to your UK Top Size (measurements shown below in table).

E.g. If you are an UK size 8 in tops or around the waist, go for the size 8/10 if you are a bigger size 8, or a 6/8 if you are a smaller size 8.

Everyday Trainer Guide

Size UK Size Waist in CM
XS UK 4/6 54-58
S UK 6/8 58-64
M UK 8/10 64-72
L UK 10/12 72-79
XL UK 12/16 79-86
XXL UK 14/16 86-94
XXXL UK 16 94-100

Latex Trainer Guide

Size UK Size Waist in CM
XS UK 6 58-64
S UK 8 64-70
M UK 10 70-78
L UK 12 78-82
XL UK 14 82-86
XXL UK 16 86-94
XXXL UK 18 94-100

If you have bought a pack with the Everyday and Latex Trainer, the Everyday Trainer will feel tighter than the latex due to being more elasticated, the Latex Trainer has less stretch so will feel slightly looser compared to the Everyday Trainer.

Sweat Fitness Belt Guide

As the Sweat Fitness Belt has a long strip of Velcro, it can fit many different sizes. We recommend purchasing the size that corresponds to your current waist measurement.

Size Waist in CM
S 54-80
M 64-88
L 84-100
XL 94-108