Let’s start by making sure that it’s being worn correctly. Positioning it wrong, wearing it too tight or loose and wearing it for too long or short a time can interrupt the way your waist trainer performs. This short video shows you how to put it on with ease!

Now that you know how it’s supposed to be worn correctly, try putting it on and move about in it to get a feel for how it wears on your body. Don’t worry if it feels strange at first as it supposed to and you will grow accustomed to the new feel. If it feels tight and takes some time to put on, that’s completely normal so wear it for around half an hour to an hour and if it feels uncomfortable, try opening to the next looser fastening until it feels secure.

Time to start wearing your waist trainer everyday now! Increase the amount of time you wear it for by an hour or so daily until you can wear it for most of your active day without bother. Feel free to wear it to work under your uniform, on days out and even whilst you work out. It’s been created to be virtually unnoticeable under clothing so it shouldn’t hinder your outfit.

You’ll start noticing a difference after a few weeks of wearing this whilst maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Everyone loses weight differently so don’t be shocked if it takes longer or you don’t the weight in the exact spot you wanted to lose it from.

Once you start noticing that you’re losing weight and you feel as though your waist trainer is no longer as tight and secure as it once was (even on the tightest fastening), it’s time to move the next size down! We have lots of different sizes available we we’re sure you’ll find something to fits you.